Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

Environmental policies are operated in AIMS to ensure safeguards in respect of the environment and society in connection with all of its activities. The company additionally complies with all client requirements regarding environmental policies, which are in force at its sites or operating locations. The company policy is aimed reducing environmental impact to a minimum and ensuring that all related activities are carried out in accordance with recognized approved procedures.

AIMS Building an effective air quality management system (AQMS) requires a process of continual improvement, and the source apportionment techniques described in this report can contribute in a cost effective manner to improving existing systems or even as the first step to begin an AQMS. This is good news for many developing country cities where the combination of rapid growth, dirty fuels, and old and polluting technologies are overwhelming the capacities of cities to control air pollution.

At AIMS, we create solutions that advance environmental protection for the safety and comfort of workers in commercial and industrial areas. We provide:

  • Integration of Air Quality Monitoring Stations
  • Maintenance and service contracts of AQMS
  • QA/QC services in environmental monitoring and auditing
  • Monthly and yearly AQMS Reporting
  • Sound and vibration monitoring and reporting